Taurus Top Tier Membership
£99.00 per month

Taurus Top Tier Membership

This higher package gives you the personal attention you desire in a group environment and will hold you accountable along your journey to ensure you never have to start again. As well as everything you see above from the Access Only plan you will enjoy:

  • Introductory Power call to tie up any lose ends regarding the plan and get some long term goals in place
  • One free power call every month to keep up the face to face connection and can be used any time in the month
  • Day by day accountability via our community Facebook page. Here you will you gain access to like-minded people on a similar journey to you and also receive daily nudges, information and support along with ONE live every week.
  • Once a week direct check in via Whatsapp to make sure your personal goals are taken care of
  • Open access to me 24/7 for questions and support as no one wants see you to win more than I do
Taurus Premium Membership
£299 per month

Taurus Premium Membership

If you are serious about transforming and you want to make sure you get there as quick as possible then this package is for you. The premium package as much as you are involved in the group, is all about you. Building on all other packages which you get full access to you also get:
  • 1-2-1 Power Call every two week to review the work you are doing and set targets for the week ahead to ensure there is no stones left unturned.
  • Complimentary Power Lists Book to help plan your daily tasks
Taurus PT Membership
£29.99 per month

Monthly Access Membership

Via this plan you get full access to the Grab The Bull web page where you will have a number of powerful tools to help your transformation journey be successful

  • Access to over 100 delicious and healthy recipes which all link straight to My fitness pal for easy calorie logging
  • Variety of enjoyable and challenging workouts including Not So Live workouts from our Facebook Lives for you to join in with
  • Exercise videos to ensure your form is correct while training alone to keep it safe and results focused
  • Informational blogs to help build your nutrition, mindset and lifestyle knowledge
  • Monthly physical challenges to keep you honest every day of the month